Mysterious Peaceful Moment

It’s got to be a bad day when my only peaceful moment happened on a New York City 1 train at 8:45 in the morning, right? What’s that, you say? A peaceful moment on a train, you say? Why, yes, actually, and I can’t believe it either.
I was doing my usual “ignore everyone and read my book” routine this morning. And I’ve learned over the years to be able to pay attention to where we are and read at the same time. So between Rector St. and Chambers St., the train came to a halt and basically powered down. And the trains run on electricity, so once they stop, there’s really no noise factor. We got a garbled announcement having something to do with a stalled train in front of us and to please have patience. Now, there were probably 40 other people on my train car. And as soon as the announcement guy shut up, it was complete and utter silence. No one was speaking, no one was tapping, no one was moving at all. I could hear a faint tinny iPod somewhere at the other end of the car, but that was IT. Complete and utter peaceful silence on a NYC subway car, during rush hour. I should have known then that the rest of my day would have no choice but to be filled with complete and utter shit. Which it absolutely was, and it’s not over yet so I’m not gonna write about it right now. Maybe tomorrow.


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