What a decade!

So, I’ve very recently turned 30 and upon the eve of the day itself, my friend Ruddyna sent me an email telling me to enjoy the last few hours of my 20s and asking how I felt about the last decade.  My first reaction was a throwaway one.  I thought, “Well, crap, I haven’t done anything in the last 10 years”, which is a sad sort of thing to think about.   But then I started to really think and look at what I have done with the last 10 years.  And all in all, I had a damn fine decade!

– If I were to bottle up all the laughter I’ve had in the last 10 years and unleash it all at once, I’m sure I’d be able to start an earthquake.  

– I have been through 7 changes of address, 5 different cars and 5 different jobs.  

– I have obtained my Bachelor’s degree and an MBA, both with honors.  

– I have been co-mother to 12 different turtles, 1 tortoise, 7 cats, 2 hamsters, 4 beta fish and rescued one floppy, drooly Yellow Lab from a life of sleeping on concrete and snow.  (He now has his own couch in his new home.)

– I have travelled over 200,000 miles.

– I have gotten 6 tattoos.

– I have gotten myself $60,000 worth of raises.

– I have lost (but never forgotten) one of the women who most influenced my young life.

– I have struggled with my sexuality and come to complete comfort with that aspect of myself.

– I have gotten myself into a good portion of debt and am 1 short year away from being free of it.

– I have had more hair styles and colors in 10 years than most people will have in a lifetime.

– I have lost my 127 lb. skinny girl body, but I have grown a woman’s body in her place.

– I have a better relationship with my parents now than I ever have before.

– I have made, and lost and found again, some of the best friends a person could want.

– I have hurt others and been hurt in return, but I have learned from all of these hurts.

– I have turned into that friend that others come to for advice or to listen and I am extremely proud of that.

– I have smoked like a chimney for much of that decade, but I have since beaten that vice.

– And as I said to her on the morning of my birthday, through happy-tear soaked eyes, that the best part of my last 10 years was spending 8 and a half of them with HH.  I can’t imagine my days without her.


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