The Bar?? Really?

Proof positive that I am fully, really, actually an adult.

HH called and said she was having a particularly bad day at work and that her and a few co-workers were going to go to the bar after work.  She told me this around noon, when I was still full of energy and vigor.  I wistfully volunteered to just take the express bus straight there and meet them at the bar.  Now that 4:30 has rolled around, and I know that it’s cold out and I’m sorta still sickly feeling from earlier in the week, I’m thinking to myself, “Self.  What the hell were you thinking?”

Cause right about now, I could so just go home, put on those cozy PJ pants that are made out of blanket material, fire up the old tea kettle and grab a nice 750 page book and be SET.  On a Friday night.  Yep.  It’s all adult, all the time over here.  Lol.

**Sigh**  I wonder if they’ll make me a Hot Buttered Rum at the bar.


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