Is this real life?

Much like David After the Dentist, I’ve been asking myself over the last few months, Is this real life?  Because my life has turned into some kind of event marathon in which every waking minute of time is taken up by one thing or another for one person or another and I feel like I don’t have time for anything else whatsoever.  Not laundry, not food shopping, not sleeping, not watching TV, not scratching a hair on my poor kitties heads.  Nothin.  Is this gonna be like this FOREVER???

So much has gone on.  My little canning side business took a turn to the seriously busy.  We participated in several holiday fairs in Staten Island and had a really nice response to our product.  I got quite a few more calls from people who bought from us at these fairs who were looking to buy more to give out as Christmas presents.  One adorable little old lady ordered 27 jars!  I spent entire weekends and late, late, late weeknights churning out  over 300 jars in 24 different flavors, while poor HH got to sit in the dining room and provide slave labor in the form of decorating all of these jars.

Our one respite was that we took the entire week of Thanksgiving off from work and took a mini vacation to a wonderful bed and breakfast in Provincetown, MA.  It was amazing and relaxing and while we were there, we happened to wonder into a jewelry store and order up some rings.  We’ve wanted some form of  ‘wedding’ rings forever and this was just the right place and the right time.  So we ordered, had to wait 3 weeks for them to arrive and then had our own very private, tear-filled wedding ceremony all by ourselves, in our living room, on a Wednesday night.  Which pretty much suits us to a T.

HH picked up a ton of extra hours at work, so she’s been coming home later and later.  Holiday parties and year-end activities at work kept me coming home later for a while there.  We felt like weeks went by and we barely saw each other, aside from crashing into our beds at midnight or later.  But, all these extra hours and jars of jam selling had a nice side effect.  My last post outlined how we had restructured a lot of things so we could get out of credit card debt.  Well, I’m extremely happy to report that we have paid off 56% of all of our debt since it was at its worst in August ’10, and by my calculations, we will be 100% completely credit card debt free by May 30th, 2011!  Making changes and sticking to them really does work!

So, now that we’re back up to speed, we’re continuing with the changes, since they seem to be working for us at the moment.  And we need to change our waist-lines.  We’ve developed what we lovingly refer to as “Jelly Belly” and we’re not loving it so much right now.  All these events, running around, and the fact that anything I have cooked for the last 4 months have been sealed in a mason jar, means that we have eaten out.  A lot.  So between the “tasting” of 24 different flavors of jam, fast food, more fast food and then the freaking holidays, suffice it to say, we’re a little chubby at the moment.  So the new plan is: cook more at home, bring lunch with us to work whenever possible and start some sort of workout.  I’ve just ordered the Biggest Loser Challenge for the Wii and I think that will be our best bet since we can do it on our own time at home.  I’ve done the math and if we set a goal to lose 40 lbs. by June 30th, we only have to lose 2 lbs. a week, which is totally reasonable and healthy.

So, if all goes how we want it to and have planned for it to, on June 30th we will be skinny, debt-free bitches with no flabby tummies and lots of extra cash!

Wish us luck!


One thought on “Is this real life?

  1. I wish you all the good Luck in the world. I’d love to know if life has slowed down a bit at all. I know what you mean by every waking moment is taken up by this or that. I sometimes think the internet make us move too fast and always think too. I might need a switch for my brain soon (slow/ off) LOL Please let me know if you can go 24 hours without the computer for 24 hours also please remember that is it a magnet, so we are drawn to IT.
    Love Mom

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