What. Is. The. Problem?!?!

So I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat for the last week or so, waiting to see if NY is going to allow me to become a first-class citizen by passing the Marriage Equality Bill or not, and all I keep reading about is that there have to be religious carve-outs made, we must protect the churches, gays are going to destroy the earth, etc.  So I thought to myself, “What the hell does this bill actually SAY?”  So i go and find it.  Here it is : Marriage Equality Bill.   (Side note: I CANNOT believe that they actually still type this crap on a typewriter and then scan it in, but whatever.)

So I read this fairly simple, 5-page document and I’m left scratching my damn head.  There are several paragraphs specifically stating that any religious body is explicitly exempt from having to go against any tenet of thier faith which may disagree with allowing same-sex marriage.  Furthermore, it says that their refusal on the grounds of faith is NOT subject to any civil case against them.  Basically, any religious body can tell me to go away and that will be fine and they cannot be sued for it.

Soooooo…..what exactly is the holdup?  All we are asking for is for the government to recognize it.  Churches and synagogues and mosques are more than welcome to tell me to go to hell (as I’m sure they will), and I am 100% fine with that.   I just need the city clerk to say, “Sign here.  And you sign here.  Congratulations.   NEXT!”  That’s it.

It’s simple, in my eyes.  But I’ve read such crazy things this past week, that I can’t even wrap my head around it.  I heard a Senator reference a baker, who, after taking their order AND their money, refused to fulfill an order of cupcakes, because those cupcakes were to be used at a gay function.  The senator thought it was a shame that the baker was forced to  pay the customers legal fees for suing them.  Um, hello??  That is business.  I purchase and pay for something from you.  You decided you don’t feel like doing it and don’t feel like refunding my money.  I sue you to get my money back with damages.  Simple.  But no, the senator said that the “gay agenda” (widely used to refer to all gays, as though we all have a membership and meetings somewhere) would be using our “special rights” to cause all of these frivolous lawsuits and we would be costing the state millions.

It’s like they’ve had to go just THAT FAR with their so-called “logic” that they’re grasping at straws.  Seriously?  Cupcakes?  Come on.

And I swear, if I hear one more idiot say that this country was founded on religion, I will scream. Was NO ONE else awake in high school history class??!?!  Cause I’m fairly certain that this country was founded on religious FREEDOM, which includes the right to practice any religion you choose as well as the right to be free FROM religion.

Please, someone, anyone; give me a reason to deny same-sex marriage rights that is NOT based on religious beliefs and is NOT, “ewwww, gross.”


One thought on “What. Is. The. Problem?!?!

  1. I know you wrote this a while ago but i just stumbled upon it and i have to say… i got nothing. NO GOOD DAMN reason why same sex marriage shouldn’t be legal, and now it is in NY!! I have been married twice (to a man obviously) but i am now with a woman. I have never been happier and we are totally commited to each other. I would like to think that some day we could be married, my third and final! Good luck to you i hope all your dreams come true!

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